Labour Councillors: On Your Side

Labour Councillors Fighting for Families


Labour councillors and councils are working to protect household budgets: people living in Labour council areas pay around £343 less council tax than those living under Conservative councils, despite being hit by deeper government cuts.


Labour councils deliver more for less: households living under a Labour council pay less council tax than those living in Conservative areas, but deliver better services and invest in your key priorities:

Government cuts mean Labour councillors have to make difficult choices - but we have listened to communities and worked to stretch every pound as far as we can. Labour councils invest more than Conservative councils on street cleaning and street lighting, and CCTV and crime reduction too, because they know you want to feel proud of your street and safe in your home.

Because they want our country to be the best place to grow up in Labour councils invest more in Sure Start children’s centres and in protecting vulnerable children. And when the government refused to feed hungry children in school holidays last year, Labour councils stepped in.

Labour councils want the UK to be the best place to grow old in, so we prioritise care for older people and fair wages for those that care for them. And we deliver more new affordable housing: last year the average Labour council started building twice as many new affordable homes as councils run by other parties.

Now Labour councillors are coming together to demand that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak immediately put a halt to years of successive Conservative council tax rises, which have seen average bills shoot up by 12% in just three years, and are set to rise by another 9% in the next three years.

If you’re a Labour Councillor then show your support for the Stop The Squeeze campaign by signing the petition today.